Have you been searching for a Perth accountant?

If so, then you would have found that there are a range of different accounting firms, and it can be hard to find the one that will suit you as a business or individual.

If you are searching for an accounting firm or practice that suit your needs, make sure you know exactly what you want.

Many business owners and investor clients often believe that the bigger the accounting firm, the better. This is definitely not true.

Today, accountants can vary greatly in terms of what they do and do not do for clients.  As more accountants in the greater Perth area focus on servicing niche markets and targeted clients, who you choose becomes very important.

There are many accounting firms in Perth that operate as small, personalised firms focused on providing high standards of service and quality.  The way that they do this is by becoming specialised and focusing on targeted clients. accounting services perth

When you are looking for accountants in Perth, be very clear about what you need and want for you and your business.

At Femia Accountants we are a small specialised firm that has three core service areas that have been integrated to service targeted clients:

  1. Business Accounting
  2. Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  3. Individual Accounting.

Each of these core service areas above, have many different types of services and vary for many different types of clients.

However, Femia has evolved over time to only cater for specific clients.

Historically, these specific clients have developed as a result of the Principals’ interests and values.

David Femia, Principal Femia Accountants, believes the following:

  1. david femia accountant perth

    David Femia

    Business Owners should be in business to create long term wealth and to retire comfortably.

It is true that most people go into business because they want more control over their future, are tired of working for someone else and generally want to make more money.

But working in your business is hard and very stressful.  Therefore the prize for working for yourself should be long term wealth.

We see many business owners lose sight of this and focus on the small issues.

  1. Individuals can continue being an employee and still retire comfortably!

Being focused and disciplined about investing, can and will achieve financial wealth if you are earning reasonable income of more than $120,000 combined household income.

  1. Taxation need not be a curse and obstacle to your desire to achieve financial success.

Working with accountants in Perth who look beyond just preparing your tax returns and financial statements, will reduce your tax burden and help you achieve financial success.

  1. Superannuation continues to be one of the most tax effective investments that can work for you to achieve long term wealth and a comfortable retirement.

Working with accountants in Perth who are focused on Self Managed Super Funds is key to achieving long term financial wealth and a comfortable retirement.

If you are searching for a Perth accountant, without knowing what your future goals are and how you want your retirement to look, you won’t find the right accountant for your needs.

Begin by writing a list of what your future goals are. Only then you are ready to start searching for an accounting firm or practice that suits your requirements.

If you like to know more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you – whether you are in business or as an individual.