It all began when David Femia, a savvy businessman with a desk and an empty file cabinet decided to tap into his potentials knowing that he had the major requirements to be successful. A decade down the road, we can comfortably say that Femia Accountants is a very reputable Ardross based accounting firm. We offer our services to all sorts of business, from micro to large enterprises with expertise in fields relating to business advisory, accounting and full service tax.

We are a CPA consulting firm. We serve local, national and international clients.

Our services exceed the regular everyday accounting service. We provide more than traditional accounting and tax services. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare for the future by managing and planning for growth, minimising tax liabilities and generally solving problems.

We offer services that are in any and every way comparable to services offered by larger firms. The main aim of Femia Accountants is to help clients achieve their overall objectives and this is done by pulling together all local and international resources at the firm’s disposal to help solve every case. We strongly believe that the key to success is hard work and determination and this motivates us when handling every case. This is why we have stood out over the years. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today and become a part of our success story.

Our Clients

Our client base spreads across several industries such as health care, transportation, non-profit organizations, life science, technology, retail, real estate, financial services, distribution, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, construction and so on. We also offer consulting services in business, healthcare, technology etc. we are not the regular or traditional accounting firm, we go further to help our clients in every way we can, thus giving them rest of mind which is valued above everything. Our team uses their combined abilities to ease the concerns and headaches of clients, maximise the efficiency of their businesses, and guide them proactively on the pathway to success.  We are always happy to offer professional advice to business owners who have set specific targets for themselves and need assistance in achieving those business goals. We are customer oriented and all members of our team from the management or administrative positions to the lowest positions show this in our everyday transactions.

Our People

Our team of experts remains our most important asset. Our team is made up of experts from different fields. Femia accountants’ is founded on developing our team to release their potentials and giving them the knowledge and tools needed to provide the highest possible quality of service to our clients. We also ensure that our team is constantly upgraded through activities like regular trainings, evaluation and improvement of working conditions. This is a major reason for their outstanding services over the years. They have fully embraced our core values and are all committed to the objectives of the firm.

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