Below you will find some various frequently asked and should ask questions for your reference.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What memberships do you have?2018-06-11T02:20:09+08:00

Femia Accountants is a Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) firm.

Can you help us with our bookkeeping and BAS?2018-06-11T02:20:17+08:00

We certainly can.

Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?2018-06-11T02:20:25+08:00

We want the best for your business and we will take the time to look further to help you.

What type of software do you recommend?2018-06-11T02:20:33+08:00

We generally recommend Xero due to its efficient capabilities, however, we will work with which ever software you prefer.

How often will I get to meet the partner of the business?2018-06-11T02:20:42+08:00

Meetings with the partner can be scheduled quarterly or monthly depending on your business requirements. Contacting him outside of these times is also not a problem.

Do you charge for phone calls and emails?2018-06-11T02:20:50+08:00

No. we want to help you all year round.

How do you charge for your services?2018-06-11T02:20:59+08:00

We review your business and put together a monthly fixed fee package to assist you with your cashflow and give you no un expected bills.

Should Ask Questions.

Is there a contract term?2018-06-11T02:27:21+08:00

Cancel anytime.

How quick can you provide me with some insights?2018-06-11T02:26:42+08:00

We can connect with your online file and have our first meeting within a few days.

What will you need from us?2018-06-11T02:25:55+08:00

Access to your online Xero or MYOB file and that’s it.

Do you have experience helping others in my industry?2018-06-11T02:24:48+08:00

We have experience in a wide range of industries and business sizes from local businesses to national brands.

Do you provide any reports?2018-06-11T02:24:08+08:00

Yes, clear easy to read reports so you can see where your business has come from and where its going.

How will I know if my business is on track?2018-06-11T02:23:30+08:00

You will be provided with online dashboards available 24/7 to show how you are tracking. You will also be provided with alerts every time you are approaching or outside of you KPI.

Will you just tell me what to do and that’s it?2018-06-11T02:22:09+08:00

We will work with you very closely to ensure you are sticking to the plan and meet with you regularly.

My business is in trouble, how can you help?2018-06-11T02:21:27+08:00

We will review your business thoroughly, discover the weaknesses and implement an achievable plan to correct these issues.

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