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Pay less tax

No one likes paying Tax, especially more tax than is needed. Read more on tax savings including the SEVEN Tax Tips the ATO do not want you to know about.

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Stabilise cash flow

Would you drive your car from Perth to Sydney without a fuel gauge or headlights? Of course you wouldn’t, so why would you drive your business without them? Learn more on how you can improve Cash Flow and also check your own Cash Flow score with our online assessment form.

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Boost profits

Want to know how you can increase profits by 10-25%? Read about the #1 mistake most business owners make that reduces profits, but can be fixed instantly without having to work any harder!

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Your Time Is Precious,
So Let’s Not Waste It!

Once you have booked your time, you will be sent a link to fill in a short questionnaire about you and your business. This is so we can do some research before meeting with you and ensure the meeting is rewarding for you.

After this FREE meeting, you will have:

✓ A Three Step Action Plan that will accelerate your momentum with the least effort

✓ Insights into tools and systems that will dramatically reduce your admin time

✓ The opportunity to join one of our Profit Accelerator Programmes over the next 12 months

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What our clients
say about us!

Prime Sing
Prime Sing
07:47 09 Mar 18
I had gone through several accountants in my 30+ years of being a businessman and believe me, not many accountants put their hearts into helping their clients. Recently I had an opportunity to deal with David Femia of Femia Accountants Perth regarding a share sale business involving quite a substantial amount of money and David is just amazing and so helpful. In the process, David has to spend more time than he should be for the modest fee that he charged me! David is such a professional accountant and such a gentleman for what he has done for me and I really vouch without any hesitation for his awesome 5-star services carried out with such high responsibilities. An accountant who knows what he is doing and one you can REALLY trust! Roland T
Fuad Bandic
Fuad Bandic
14:37 19 Dec 17
David and his team are very professional and friendly . The best accountants I've ever had. Very high standard of service and always happy to provide the solution with the best outcome for his clients. A great service that I would highly recommend.
Barry Coombe
Barry Coombe
09:58 20 Dec 17
The team at Femia have managed to turn our small business around. Always approachable and friendly. One of the better decisions I have made.
Bilal Wazir
Bilal Wazir
04:28 06 Feb 18
Most friendly and helpful staff that go above and beyond to help assisting us with our problems and queries
Sue Cheng
Sue Cheng
07:30 08 Feb 18
Femia Accountants were prompt, very helpful and did such a good job with my tax. I really can't recommend them enough!
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