If your business is built on referrals, then you know how important it is to ensure you are front-of-mind with them! And what better timing to remind your partners that you still exist than at the start of a brand new year?

We speak with many people who believe January is a waste of a month in business when, in fact, it is one of the most important to ensure a great year ahead.

Here are 6 easy things you can do in January to remind your referral partners you exist:

1. Send a gift

Right after the holidays would be a perfect time to disguise your “gentle reminder” of your existence by giving a gift however small or inexpensive.  It can help build visibility and credibility with your referral source.

2. Extend an invitationnetworking in Perth

Invite a referral source to lunch or even just coffee. It’s amazing how much you can update yourselves regarding your business direction in just an hour. Use it as an opportunity to set new goals.

3. Invite him/her to a networking Perth event to meet other potential connections

Introducing him or her to other businesspeople you know gives your source an opportunity to meet others in your target market. It may also provide new business opportunities for you both.

4. Refer someone to your partner

The start of the year would be a symbolic time to send over a referral to your partner. While most business people are in planning mode during the first month of the year, any referral or brand new business will be most welcome. Offer your referral source a referral he or she might find useful. Do it, and they will definitely reciprocate.

5. Call a referral source

The easiest and best way to remind someone of your existence is by speaking to him/her. An occasional, phone call is a good way to keep the relationship strong. Plus then you can organise that coffee catch up!

6. Send an email or text message

Whether you have a new business idea, or have found a great article which you think may benefit your partner – an email is a subtle way to remind a referral source that you have an ongoing business relationship. The start of the year is a good time to do it, right after the break, everyone is fresh and excited for a new year.

Give a few of these a try and see what happens in the next month or two! And if you want to organise a coffee catch up with David or one of the team – send us an email or pick up the phone now!