On Monday 4 May 2020, we will be completing the jobkeeper applications for those that have already enroled through our office.

If you haven’t already done so, please enrol now –  JOBKEEPER ENROLMENT

For those that have already enroled, and not sent us your employee declaration form yet, please do so here. We can not complete your application without the declarations on hand –  SEND YOUR EMPLOYEE DECLARATIONS

Cashflow boost payments

These payment have already been made to those that have lodged their March BAS. Should you not have received any refund it could be due to 2 factors. 1 – You have debt with the ATO. This amount will reduce your overall debt (jobkeeper payments will flow directly to you), 2 – It has yet to be processed by the ATO.

Whats next?

Monthly reporting will now occur to report your current and projected turnover as well as your eligible employees.

Once you qualify for jobkeeper you will not need to re qualify. The current and projected turnover figures are there so the Government can determine the impact of Covid-19.

Employees will need to be reported so claims for terminated employees are not made. You may also have had employees engaged on 1 March 2020 that have been stood down and you will now like to reengage.

We will be issuing a separate service agreement to those who have enroled during the course of today. Please ensure to accept it at your earliest convenience to enable us to proceed with your application.


Short term loans are now being made available by the banks. All they will require is a receipt number and the number of employees you will like to claim through jobkeeper.

Please contact us should you need you receipt number.

This is now an opportunity for you to bring back staff who may qualify for your job keeper claim for May. This will occur through the monthly reporting.

Please contact me personally should you need finance and I will connect you to our preferred lenders who have a very good understanding or our clients requirements.

Please contact me on 08 9316 4500 should you have any queries.

Kind RegardsDavid Femia | Director
M.Acc, B.Bus, FCPA