Would you drive your car from Perth to Sydney without a fuel gauge or without any form of dashboard? Of course you wouldn’t.

So why operate your business without one? As a business owner you need to know how much money you have and how much you are going to have… plus how much you are going to need!

Dashboards tell you when fuel is running low or when you need to change your oil and even when it is time for a check up and service. More importantly they can identify what parts of your business are performing and making you money and what areas are costing you money.

Most business owners look after the car better than the business because they are unaware that dashbards are common practice these days.

Financial dashboard that are easy to understand can be the difference between good cash flow and horrible “reminder letters”. To find out how you can install dashboards into your business, book a time HERE or take the Cash Flow Test to see how you score.

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