Femia Accountants Proudly announced the Launch of its New Accounting Application.

 Femia Accountants today, proudly pronounced the launch of its new accounting application which was developed by its professional team to provide key financial and tax information, tools, features and news to its esteemed and enviable clients. The application will provide accounting and financial related information and make it available to the clients at their fingertips 24/7. Femia Accountants offers a range of services from business through to individual requirements and they pride themselves on providing a high level of service to their enviable clients.


The Femia Accountants App is designed to be a helpful place and resource center for the firm’s clients to get critical information whenever they need it. For ease of use, professional guidance and personal advice, the team of Femia Accountants will always be on hand to assist and ensure that clients enjoy a seamless and magnificent product experience.


According to David Femia the Managing Director of Femia Accountants, “the accounting App is a wonderful tool that provides the following services to its users;

  • The accounting app instantly and automatically keep track of client’s important business miles, using the in-built mileage tracker. What’s more, clients can export these ‘trips’ at any time to form part of their mileage claims.
  • The accounting app is a potent tool for receipt and expense Management: Clients won’t need to pile up their receipts on their desk or risk losing them in a pocket, dashboard or box! All they need to do is to simply use their phone to photograph a receipt, categorize it and click save. Then they can review and export these at any time for their own use or email them to us to incorporate into their accounts.
  • The Femia accounting app is a veritable income tracking tool. If the client is managing a number of income sources, the client will find this tool extremely useful to monitor his/her income and expenditure in one place. The accounting app possesses a great tax, and financial calculators that the user can use at any time, from income tax and PAYG to capital gains tax and loan repayment calculators. It’s all there for the clients use.
  • Clients also get instant access to the latest business and personal accountancy facts, key dates and tax updates. Using the latest technology, the ‘News’ section will be updated directly by the firm, to provide clients with the latest news, views and offers from Femia Accountants – in real time, all through their App”

About Femia Accountants

Femia Accountants is a CPA firm that is liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Femia Accountants was started after Managing Director, David Femia, noticed in his role at the ATO that there was a growing level of dissatisfaction with accountants, which is why they relied on the advice of the ATO team to provide them with the information they needed.

As a result, Femia Accountants was born, in order to fill the void that many accountants were not filling. That is, providing clients with the support they needed, and most importantly – when they need it. The team at Femia Accountants are focused on providing a high level of service to their clients and ensuring that they don’t feel like another ‘number’, that each client is important.

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