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There is still time to register for jobkeeper

For those of you who were on the borderline or not able to qualify in April, please check you sales for the month of May 2020 to current date. If there is a decrease of 30% from May 2019 then we can still make the application before 31 May 2020.

Keep paying $1500 per fortnight to your employees

Now that the first round of payments has been received, this should be much easier. To keep receiving the payments until the end of the program, please continue to meet this requirement.

Returning employees

Should you have any employees that were employed on 1 March 2020 and are now returning to work, please be sure to let our office know. We can include these employees into your Jobkeeper application.

Similarly, should you have any employees resign, please also let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Monthly reporting – no need to re-qualify

We have now moved to the third phase of Jobkeeper where we report your sales and eligible employees each month until the end of the program. There is no need to re-qualify for the Jobkeeper payments. Once you have qualified then you will continue to receive your jobkeeper payments even if your sales have significantly increased after April 2020.


The ATO has published keydates to keep you up to date with the date of payments that will be included in each months Jobkeeper payments

Cashflow series

Now is the time to take some serious consideration into the financial well-being of your business. We will be  launching our cashflow series in June and contacting you to be included into the program. A 12 month cashflow forecast will be created to better prepare you for the uncertain times ahead.

As always, please contact me on 08 9316 4500 should you have any queries.